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If you’re like most of us, you worry that you are not getting the very best deals when choosing online. Is there a credit card deal I would like better? A cheaper price on that TV? Even a better Sunday brunch option?

To be honest, there usually is. But its takes time to find. And even after spending the time, you still may not be sure you found the actual top deal.

That’s why we created Top Deal, an innovative approach to ensuring that you are getting the top deal available when you are in the decision-making mode. Top Deal is a simple Chrome extension that you can easily install in your Chrome browser — the most popular browser in the world. Rest assured that Top Deal will never be, or allow, spam. Ever. 

In fact, we provide you with the Top Deal based on what thousands of other consumers are choosing as the Top Deal. That is a continual voting process through the choices they are making, meaning that the Top Deal is always being evaluated and reevaluated through consumer click-through purchases to ensure that it is objectively the very best deal you can get.

Top Deal will present you with the Top Deal when you are looking to buy. If we do not have a better deal, we won’t be spamming you anyway. But let’s face it, it’s very difficult for any of us as individual consumers to thoroughly research every purchase to know we are getting the top deal available. There are just so many options and they are always changing. So install the Top Deal extension, and let us handle all that. There is no fee, no hassle and no spam. Ever. Just the best deals out there — when you want them and only when you want them.

In addition to getting better purchase options, the beauty of Top Deals is that you get nothing when you are simply surfing the web. But when you are in the market and actively looking to buy online, we will let you know about any better deals with a non-intrusive notice at the top of the page you are on. You even have the option to let us know if a Top Deal is relevant or not.

It is painless. A two-click installation and you’re set. Top Deal works seamlessly in the background. You only get options for the very best deals out there when you’re ready to make a purchase.

Try it now and start getting the Top Deal!

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