Easy Crowdsourced Deals
Perfectly targeted. Perfectly timed.

As a marketing team or small business person, you know the challenge: how to get past the colossal clutter of promotions in order to reach the exact consumers you want, exactly when you want to reach them. It’s the Holy Grail of marketing and it’s been elusive.

But Top Deals uses its innovative Chrome extension application to provide that exact opportunity, solving your biggest challenge. It’s simple. And it’s free.

The Top Deals Chrome extension is installed by consumers and will display as a banner ad at the top of the web page when the consumer is in purchase mode. So when a consumer is at a competitor’s web site, and about to pull the trigger on a purchase, your ad will pop up with your offer.

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 1.47.53 PM.png

Let’s say you are Capital One and you have submitted a deal with Top Deal. If a consumer is planning to get a new credit card with 1% cashback on purchases from a Bank of America Credit Card, your deal offering 2.0% cash back will pop up as a Top Deal. You have captured the attention of a consumer who already wants to get a cashback credit card, right when he or she is in the very moment of making that decision. 

Perfectly targeted. Perfectly timed. 

Top Deal is not only about the best price, although those are obvious top deals. Top Deal also allows for and awards marketing creativity for big and small businesses. 

Let’s say you offer a Sunday brunch, but a nearby competitor is better known for their Sunday brunches and is always packed. With Top Deal, when a customer of your competitor is on the website to make a reservation, or check times, your Top Deals banner ad will pop up to let them know about your brunch — which you have cleverly sweetened with a free orange juice Mimosa.

Perfectly targeted. Perfectly timed.

Now conversely, if your competitor is using Top Deal and taking customers, you have the opportunity to offer the Chrome extension to your existing customer base. Every one of your customer that installs Top Deal will never see a Top Deal ad from your competitor on your website.

Here’s how it works.

Like all Chrome extensions, Top Deal seamlessly integrates software that puts your ad on the competitor’s site at the buying moment and displays your Top Deal ad based on the content.
Your existing customers win because they are getting Top Deal offers when they want them. You are offering your customer only something they will find useful. And you win by making sure they are not redirected from your web site at the time of purchase, and are alerted to your better deals when they are on a competitor’s site.

And it’s free. So there is no risk or cost to your marketing department or business. Click here and we will help you start placing your ads on your competitors’ websites.